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From the team that made KuCoin to what it is today, that now runs their own Token with PancakeSwap Core Farm and that is traded on Top10 Exchanges, for the Crypto Entrepreneurs who will create revolutions of their own.

We understand that founders want more than just capital. We are the VC that actually runs a successful Crypto business ourselves, bringing significant experience, expertise and an extensive global network. We make Seed investments and we advise crypto entrepreneurs on every step of their journey.

Fabian van Doesburg

As Chief Business Development at KuCoin, Fabian functioned as the Chief Operating Officer that made ideas in an actual working team to get things done. He is one of the most connected people in Crypto today, trusted by other VC’s and Exchanges alike. Current Venture Capitalist with an extensive portfolio, making him the most well rounded advisor and connector for your project leadership.

Nick van der Kolk

As Vice-President Listing at KuCoin, Nick partnered with countless projects taking them to the next level. Experienced commercial leader with the know how to make a concept into a running business with growing revenue streams. Current CEO of AgeOfGods, making him the perfect advisor for your CEO & CRO.

Perry Kniest

As Chief System Architect at KuCoin, Perry is the mastermind that ran the Marketing Technology of KuCoin that powered the explosive growth, attracting millions of traders. Having run countless multi million dollar campaigns, he is able to provide the blueprint for what works and what doesn’t. Connecting Ad-spend all the way to your bottom line and token growth. Current CTO of AgeOfGods, making him the perfect advisor for your CTO & CMO.

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